April 1883: A meeting of the Mt Wycheproof Cricket Club was held at the Royal Hotel on Saturday evening, Mr D Denney being voted to the chair. The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and said there would be a balance of 2 pound 5 shillings & 3 pence after paying a small account due.After some slight discussion , the following officers were appointed for the following year : President Mr T Morgan; vice-presidents, Mr D Denney and W M Smith; secretary,Mr J Currie; treasurer, Mr T Benson; match committee, Messrs John Currie, Benson and Denney. It was agreed that the practice ground should be in Mr Dempsey's paddock, as that gentleman had kindly offered the use of it. It was carried that the cricketing materials should be left at the Royal Hotel, and it was decided that they should  not be delivered for practice for less than three members  who would be responsible  for there safe return. It was moved that the members subs would be 3 shillings for the year. This concluded the business for the evening and the meeting closed with a hearty vote of thanks for the chair.
NOTE:- In the early days of settlement cricket was about the only team sport played until football started. It was played during all the year,The first reported games at the Mount, according to the "Ensign" were early in 1882 but games were undoubtedly played earlier (the cricketers won the Premiership for the year)


Wycheproof has held races continuously from its first meeting on Boxing Day 1881,to the present day. The first meeting was held in Stoney's paddock (Stoney's paddock went from Coatsworth's road to Old Corack road) the next in Dempsey's ( his paddock was north going on from Stoney's to the State Bank corner) and the third in Ryan's where they continued racing foe many years. Then the Club decided to move out to Williams reserve, 4 1/2 miles north of the town. This however, was some distance out and a real bush track.After some street talk an approach was made to Mr Alex Morrison to see if he would sell part of his land adjacent to the resevoir foe a racecourse and a coursing club. Mr Morrison agreed to sell the land to the clubs interested, at a cost of 12 pound per acre in 1925.
This is an extract from the first Wycheproof Ensign December 9th 1881

A meeting was held at Smith's Royal Mail Hotel to draw up a program and elect office bearers for the forthcoming races. Mr Noonan was voted into the chair, and he stated, that if all those present worked hard a good days races would be the result.It was decided to give 30 pounds in prizes,some present remarking that next year the amount would be doubled, The following office bearers were elected President and Treasurer, Mr T Boase; Vice President, J F Dobbin; Stewards,R Dempsey, T Noonan, Dobbib, Mr Tobin W Hamilton, D Main, W Algie, Paul Bridget, T Tobin, J Holland, E P M Margetts, T Constable and P Noonan; Clerk of Scales, Mr D Main; Handicapper.Mr Dempsey; Starter, Mr P Noonan; Clerk of Course, Mr W Hamilton.    Moved L Main, sec Mr M Tobin that the races be held in Mrs Stoney's paddock and the whole of the money collected at the gate, less expenses , to be tendered to Mrs Stoney.The entrance to be one shilling.   Moved Mr Dobbin, sec. Mr Dempsey that the publicans booth be sold by tender.   Moved Mr Tobin, sec Mr Dobbin, that Messrs D Main, P Noonan, T Constable and W Hamilton chain off the course and get a man to clear it.  Moved by Mr Dobbin, sec Mr P Noonan that the booth will be sold by auction at Wycheproof.
PROGRAM:- On Boxing Day, 1881 To start at 12 o'clock sharp Maiden Plate.Of 4 sovs. One mile W.F.A. Entrance 5/- for all horses within a radius of 8 miles and have never won an advertised race.  1 o,clock sharp, District Plate of 10 sovs 2 miles, entrance 15/- 4 horses or no race, for all horses within a radius of 12 miles.  2 o'clock sharp. Farmers Race of 5 sovs. 1 mile, entrance 5/- weight 12 stone, to be driven and to draw 1 1/2 tons, 300 yards within 40 minutes of the race.Ten minutes allow to other horses.  3 o'clock sharp, Hurdle Race of 4 sovs. 1 1/2 miles, entrance 5/- W.F.A.over 10 flights of hurdles about 3'6" in height.  to start 4 o'clock sharp. 4 pounds 10 shillings, Trotting race of 3 miles, entrance 12/6, weight 12 stone for horses within a radius of 12 miles.  To start 5 o'clock sharp. Hurry Scurry, of 2 pounds 10 shillings, mile heats, entrance 2/6, catch weights. Robert Odgers (secretary).  Mr Felix Smith bought the tender for the booth.


The Wycheproof Football Club was formed in 1882, but very little football was played,except by a few district clubs, Many had never seen a football, much less kicked one, so it was often difficult to field a full team. The first matches were played in two halves. When they started the captains tossed and the winning captain kicked of from the centre. When they finished the first half they retired and" had a feed" then came back and played the second half
The first recorded officials on the Wycheproof Football Club honor board are for 1890. President; Mr J E Cutts, Secretary; Mr S W Gregson, Captain; J Gay.
May 2nd 1890; The following teams entered the football competition arranged by Mr Williams of Charlton( Wycheproof, Donald, Charlton, Jeffcott, Yeungroon, Foley's Hill, Korong Vale, Wedderburn, Richmond Plains.) Delegates met on May 8th and arranged the draw. This was the first competition the local club had competed in. Before that only a few games were played against district teams, October 1st 1890; Final of the Williams Cup. Charlton 2-6 defeated Wycheproof 1-15.
 A report in the Mount Wycheproof Ensign, Friday May 8th 1891 is as follows:- A meeting of the Wycheproof Club was held on Tuesday last, to discuss the rules under which the trophy presented for competition by Mr J E Cutts should be played for. Mr A E Bilton was present from Charlton and Mr Buchanan, president of the Ninyeunook Club was also present. After discussion the following rules were adopted;- 1.That all competing clubs pay an entrance fee of 10s 6d to defray expenses. 2.  That all matches be decided by points- 4 for a win and 2 for a draw. 3.  That all players be bona fide residents of two months prior to May 1st 1891. Members not having been residents are not eligible to play unless a permit is obtained from the committee. 4  No permit will be issued after 1st July. 5  That no player can play for more than one club for this Cup. 6  That the umpire report to the Committee any player guilty of a breach of the rules or foul language. Such players may be disqualified for the season or for a specified time as the Committee  may think fit. 7  That any protest lodged must be in the hands of the secretary by 8 pm on the Wednesday following the match, such protest to be accompanied by a fee of 10s 6d, which amount will be forfeited should the protest be deemed frivolous, and no protest will be accepted after that time under any pretext whatever. 8  All protests to be settled by a meeting of delegates. 9  Delegates must be members of the clubs they represent. 10  That the time for playing be 50 minutes each half all through the season. 11.  That all matches be started at 3pm sharp. 12.  That all clubs insist on each player wearing a guernsey the stated colours of the Club, and in default, players will be fined 2s 6d each. 13.  That the Victorian Football Association Rules be adopted where not otherwise provided for in these rules. The meeting left the question of fixing dates for matches and other preliminary business to the delegates, Mr Belfrage being appointed for this club.
Wycheproof, Ninyeunook, Wooroonook, Charlton,played for the cup.  In September  1891 the Cup was won by Wycheproof, which beat Charlton 4-10 to 1-5. Charlton protested but the protest was dismissed. Points scored:- Wycheproof 24, Charlton 20, Wooroonook 8, Ninyeunook nil. The first football was played in Dempsey's paddock, Wycheproof, west of the town. When owned by George Anderson it was always referred to as Anderson's paddock. The club continued playing there until moving to its present ground about 1910-11