WYCHEPROOF An Aboriginal word "Witchi-Poorfs",from Witchi,meaning rushes,and proorfs,the head rushes which grew on top of hill
Mount Wycheproof was in the pastoral holding named Avoca and Wycheproof, the homestead being on the left bank of the Avoca River about 8 miles east of the Mount.
The run was first occupied by Robert Macredie, of Banyenong, in 1946.It  was estimated to carry 8,000 sheep on its 76,000 acres. The early settlers selected 820-acre blocks close to Wycheproof township. Most of the landholders settled about the year 1876
The history of Mount Wycheproof Township on the west side of the Mount starts with the building of the Mount Wycheproof  Hotel by Mr James O'Connor in 1874,the old buildings of the original township,which was on the east side of the Mount soon falling into disuse,although the post office,police station and school remained there until gradually they were removed.
Friday, September 28,1883, was a memorable date for Mount Wycheproof ,for on that day the long awaited "official opening" of the railway took place.