From the Mount Wycheproof Ensign Friday June 12th 1891;- The Committee met on Monday evening last in the Mechanics institute, the President, Mr C Stewart, in the chair. There were present- Messrs Cutts, Garrard, Anderson, Mather, Sutherland, Scanlon, Tipping, Boyd, and secretary Dr Massey. Correspondence;- From G Tipping, enclosing cheque  for amount collected by him and also a donation of 25 pounds from himself. The letter was received, it being resolved, that the thanks of the Committee be tendered  Mr Tipping for his handsome donation and it was further resolved that the donor's name be placed on a list of life governors. From Thomas Morrow and Co, offering half of block 26 as a site for the Hospital at 17 pound per acre. The Secretary had accepted the terms and a cheque for 47 pound 9 shillings was ordered to be sent. A letter was read from Messrs Butler and Ussher, architects, of Melbourne, advising re the building, the groung plan and the plan of the front elevation of which were also sent. The building is to contain 3 wards, one large one for male patients, a female ward, and one for special cases, whilst an operating room is provided at the rear. Two rooms for the Matron with kitchen and servants room, baths, pantry, and linen room also provided. A second letter was also read, estimating the cost at 1100 pounds. Mr Cutts moved that the architects be asked to forward the scale of charges. Mr Tipping moved that a sub committee of the offices and Messrs Gerrard, Mather and Sutherland be appointed to instruct the architects to prepare specifications and estimates if reply to query re charges be satisfactory. The motion was seconded by Mr Anderson and carried.