The first Post Office at Mount Wycheproof was at Passey's Store on the east side of the Mount. Later it was moved opposite to Mr Ryan's  residence where it remained until it was transfered to the new township. The mail in those days came from Wedderburn to Towaninnie Station by coach. Mr James Currie, as a lad, rode down with the mail and helped bring the mail back. The coach went from East Charlton to Fort Cameron, then on to Towninnie Station, With the opening of the Post Office at Wycheproof (Cooper's 6 miles east of Wycheproof), the mail was able to go direct from West Charlton to Wycheproof, then to Bungeluke and Towninnie Station, by-passing Fort Cameron.The distance was shortened and it was more satisfactory as the tracks by the river were often in a bad state.  The Post Office at the new Township was at the Royal Mail Hotel, which had been built by Mr Felix Smith in 1878. It remained at the hotel until after the opening of the railway when the Postal Department moved it down to the railway station. Residents were dissatisfied with this arrangement as all the mail had to be taken to the station to be posted. For the next 5 years there were protest meetings and deputations trying to get a centrally situated Post Office. The Department compromised by putting a mail receiver in Broadway and paid a lad to clear the box and take the mail to the Station. But the protests continued.Eventually land was found  and work commenced in August 1888. The receipt and pay office opened on October 21, 1889


Official opening of the Wycheproof Fire Station Wednesday 1st October 1930

On June 2nd 1899 the Fire Station below was officially opened, the fireman seen here sitting on the fire engine imported from England in 1899, Named " the Victor" after Captain Vic Hayes (on the seat in front)


The first Church built at Mount Wycheproof was the Roman Catholic church, it was opened with great celebration on Easter Monday April 2nd 1877. The Presbyterian church was built in September of the same year, next to the Roman Catholic Church, on the North side of The Mount (about opposite Morrison's House).The next move was when the Presbyterians decided to build a brick Church & it was opened on September 6th 1896.

 On June 29th 1906 a new Catholic Church was opened in Mount Street, a tender of 38 pounds by J Credlin for purchase & removal of the old church was excepted, it was later bought by Allan Bros of Thalia & used as a shearing shed.

 The Church of England was Opened on April 4th 1897 on its present site

The Methodist Church was built on the site between where the Masonic Lodge is and the present Uniting Church