The Shire of Wycheproof was formerly the North Riding of the Shire of StArnaud and was severed from that Shire and constituted the Shire of Wycheproof on 17th April, 1894.It was subdivided into 3 ridings on 16th Febuary 1896. The area was 620 square miles, population 1850. President J. W. Redgen. The township of Wycheproof is the capital. It consists of 80 houses, with a population of 700. In 1897 the southern portion of the Castle Donnington Shire (Swan Hill) was annexed to the Shire of Wycheproof  and on August 26, 1897 , an election was held to fill three vacancies for councillors for the new portion of the Shire, which was named the Tyrell Riding. On June 8, 1897 the foundation stone was laid by Shire President, Cr. J.W.Redgen for a new Shire Hall

When the Mechanic's Institute was burnt down in 1937 the Shire Council decided to buildnew municipal buildings, and to incorporate the Mechanic's Hall, supper room etc, in one building. Tenders were called and the foundation stone was laid by the Hon.G.L.Goudie, Minister of public works , on May 9,1938. The President of the Shire was Cr. E.J Hooper.. The Building when finished was duly opened by the Premier of Victoria, the Hon A.A.Dunstan.

The Mechanic's Institute burnt down in 1937